Teagan Fardell

My name is Teagan Fardell and I’m a social media addict. I wake up every morning with blog posts and tweets bouncing around my head and I honestly can’t focus on anything else until you get them out into the world.

I like to say that I was “born in Melbourne, but made in Amsterdam.” Recently that sentence has caused a lot of confusion so let me clarify: I’m Australian but I grew up in Amsterdam. Basically I consider myself to be more European than Australian. Except for the fact that I cannot function in the morning without my Vegemite toast.

I’ve always been passionate about international relations and political science. I think it all began when I first joined the MUN club in Amsterdam. I was the biggest Model United Nations nerd in high school. Seriously. I was actually chosen to be in the Security Council at THIMUN (the worlds largest MUN conference) and that was pretty much a defining moment for me in terms of what I wanted to do with my life.

I’ve been studying at Boston University since 2010 and am expected to graduate in December 2013. If you’re at all familiar with Boston University it’ll be no surprise to you that my passion for social media began when I first came to school here. We’re a very social media oriented school (I mean, have you seen Dean Elmore?) and it’s hard to not become involved. I’ve interned for a couple start ups (check out my resume) and am now working for United Planet as their social media coordinator. Oh, and I’ve got this amazing internship at Degrees2Dreams with John Wilpers.

Teagan Fardell

So basically what I want to do is somehow figure out a way to combine my love for social media with my passion for international relations. I want to inspire social change through social media. They call it “social media for social good” or “SM4SG.” That’s a pretty big goal for a college student, so I’d like to start with managing the online presence of an international non profit based in Boston. Or maybe even working for a marketing company like Cone or Hubspot (#hireme).

And that’s what this blog is all about – demonstrating my knowledge on how to create an effective online presence for your non profit.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to visit my About.Me page or my Google+ Page to find the different platforms that I’m on!