Why Blog?

For some strange reason the majority of social media interns that I’ve worked with aren’t aware of how important blogging is to your SEO and Google Page Rank.  Put simply: Google likes fresh content. Posting at least once a week is going to help dramatically with your SEO. If you’re worried about making the commitment or trying to find the time: don’t worry. The blog posts don’t have to be long, 250-300 words is fine. As long as they contain keywords that you think will draw people to your site (while still keeping it organic) you’re going to draw traffic. Be careful to not post things that are irrelevant or overuse your keywords – Google can smell your bulls***. I would focus on producing unique, interesting content if you can.

Why Comment?

Another thing that most social media interns (and/or social media managers) aren’t aware of is how important it is to comment on other blogs and/or articles. Before I explain why, I really need to re-iterate how important it is that you’re making insightful comments on posts rather than just spamming for the sake of spamming.

Commenting on blogs and/or articles count takes time and effort. The reason why it’s important is because comments count as inbound links. Commenting on posts isn’t necessarily going to generate “juice” but it will help you create an online profile. This will help increase your traffic and increase your Google Page Rank.

What else?

Hmm, let’s see… Being a content creator is important in this day and age. It’s a core part of inbound marketing, and will dramatically increase your traffic. It’s not enough for you to tweet about your cause, or make pretty boards. People want to read things. You don’t necessarily have to blog, but you need to be producing something. Like I said before, fresh content is going to keep your website at the top of your Google keyword searches. Make sure you publish consistently, concisely, and use resources wisely. People appreciate facts and figures, as well as a well-cited document.