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It’s been a while – I know.

My apologies for not keeping this blog up to date.

As you may or may not know, I just graduated from Boston University! As you can imagine, the past few weeks have been filled with celebrations (read: me sobbing in the corner realising that I’m no longer a student and just ‘unemployed’)

I’m back at work at United Planet, where I’m now working full-time as their social media specialist. It’s very exciting stuff! In fact, we just got three new marketing interns and I’m going to be working with one of them exclusively. That means I’ll get to teach her everything I know about non profit marketing and social media!

I’ll blog you soon,


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My Qualifications

So you’ve stumbled across my social media blog and you’re thinking to yourself, “Well this is all fine and dandy but what qualifies this girl to give me advise on social media marketing for non profits?”

Fair enough.

You know very little about me, unless you’ve done the preliminary “Google” search and you’ve discovered that I am an avid social media user, so why should you listen to me? Well, for starters, I’m currently the social media coordinator at a small non-profit in Boston. I think that should give me a little street cred, no? I also worked for a non-profit consultant who had a client based in Peru a while back and helped them establish an online presence. Not only do I have actual experience working with non profits and social media, but I also consider myself pretty well read on the subject.

But most importantly it’s what I’m passionate about. I’m an International Relations major at Boston University, but I fell in love with social media when I moved to Boston. I obsessively check my Twitter feed and I post the best throw back thursdays. I love everything about this new form of marketing and I am so excited to explore how non profits can take full advantage of it.

So, hopefully I’ve convinced you that I’m a some what reliable source. I’m no Hubspot, but some day I will be.

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