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Facebook Pages for Non Profits

Did you know that the ideal amount of times for a Facebook page to post content is twice a week? Seriously. Facebook is one of the  social media channels where data shows that over posting can be seriously harmful. People will hide your posts, they’ll mark it as spam, and they’ll “unlike” you. Facebook users are vicious.

A Facebook page is a great way for you to reach out to your fans, supporters, clients, or customers. Did you know that there are over 800 million users on Facebook? That makes Facebook a key player in the world of social media marketing. A Facebook page is also a  fantastic tool that is specifically engineered for businesses. They are easy to set up, provide free analytics, and are relatively easy to maintain. Here are some basic tips for a successful Facebook page:

  1. Have an engaging cover photo. Facebook has just updated it’s settings to allow businesses to use their cover photo to generate leads. It used to be the case that you could not have any price or purchase information, contact information, or calls to action in your cover photo. That’s not the case anymore  – so take advantage of it! There are plenty of great articles on the web that can help you design a visually engaging (and informative) cover photo.
  2. Take advantage of Facebook tabs. This can mean including links to your newsletter, blog, or any other successful social media account that you have.
  3. Post lots of pictures. I’m not sure why but the most successful posts I’ve ever had on Facebook have been a picture with some sort of quote on it. This is such a great tip for any non profit. If you’re trying to create viral Facebook posts with a message simply take a picture (that you own the rights to), stamp your logo in the corner, and use Photoshop to add either an inspiring quote or an impressive fact or figure. The internet is becoming very visual (think Pinterest!) and if you can create successful visual content you might have a chance at “going viral.”
  4. Create a dialogue with your fans. Try to not use Facebook for constant fundraising or other plugs, but as a platform to post a diverse content to stimulate conversation with your fans. At United Planet, we host a “Trivia Thursday” where we ask our Facebook fans relevant trivia questions weekly. Ask them questions, post interesting articles or videos, etc.
  5. Take complete advantage of the Facebook analytics. I talk about that in the next section.

Built in Analytics

The best thing about Facebook pages for businesses is the free built in analytics section that Facebook provides. Once you become the moderator or administrator of a Facebook page you will see that you are given access to an insane amount of information about your fans and posts.

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