Google Plus, really?

Yes, really. I’ll admit that when I first started working in social media I thought that Google Plus was a joke, but after experimenting with setting up a page and a community I’ve begun to understand that it’s a crucial market that you need to tap into. That, and the fact that I honestly believe that Google gives higher weight to Google+ posts in search engine results.

How to Set It Up

Setting up a Google+ page is relatively self explanatory and there are many resources available on the web that can help you in doing so. What you need to do, as a social media intern/coordinator/manager, is make sure that your page is up to date and completely filled out.

How to Post

Personally, I use Hoosuite to post to my Google Plus page. It’s easy, quick, and fast. You should keep in mind that Google+ is a primarily visual platform, so be sure to attach a picture to every status update that you make. Also, Google+ depends heavily on hashtag usage so make sure to include relevant hashtags.