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#GivingTuesday Essentials: Thunderclap.it

Have you ever posted a funny and informative tweet that you thought deserved more attention? As a marketer, there’s nothing more frustrating than creating great content but nobody seeing it. Thunderclap aims to change that.

Screenshot of Thunderclap.it website

Screenshot of Thunderclap.it website

I’m sorry… Thunder what?

Thunderclap.it is a new crowd-sourcing website that lets supporters of a cause pledge to share a message at a certain time, thereby boosting the audience of the message by substantially. Users can opt to share the predetermined message on their personal Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts.  It’s been described as an “online flash mob” as it allows you to reach users that you wouldn’t usually be able to. It’s important to note that when you sign up to use Thunderclap, you’re authorising the app to share a single message on your behalf. After the campaign is over, Thunderclap promises that they won’t post again from your account.

Thunderclap is open to use for non profits, government agencies, individuals, and anything in between. The British Labour Party has already taken advantage of it, and reported that thanks to Thunderclap their message reached the feed of 4.5 million people. And they’re not the only ones taking advantage of this awesome new tool.

How do I use Thunderclap.it?

Set up Thunderclap CampaignIn order to create a Thunderclap account you need a Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account to connect it with. When you log in, you’ll be directed to a dashboard that will give you an overview of your scheduled Thunderclaps. To start a new Thunderclap go to the top right hand corner of the screen and click “Start a new Thunderclap.” That will direct you to the next screen where you’ll be able to fill out a name, category, message, and photo. The “message” is what your followers are going to tweet out, so I would suggest using a few hashtags and keeping it short incase anyone wants to add a message before the tweet. You can see what your message looks like in the top right hand corner (red circle) and personalise it to make sure it looks just right.

Thunderclap.it Set Up

You also might want to personalise the picture you use, the way that #AIDSFreeGen did on their Thunderclap.it profile, and share the same picture across multiple social media platforms to add some consistency to your campaign. To get an idea of what sort of message you should use, take a look at some of these successful campaigns that are running right now:

Campaigns are typically authorised between 1-3 days, the entire website is free (unless you want to use Thunderclap.it Pro for $500 per campaign) and it’s really easy to use. If you haven’t already set up a campaign for #GivingTuesday, I would highly suggest doing so.

Update Your Cause

Taken from Thunderclap.it blog

Another really cool part of Thunderclap is the option to create updates for your followers. You can do in the “Project Update” tab under the “My Thunderclaps” section of your admin page. Supporters love staying up to date and to see how they’re making a difference in your campaign, every before it’s over. Also, saying “thank you” never hurt anyone! Thank your supporters for their support up until this point, or thank them after the campaign is over.

How do I market Thunderclap?

You’re in luck: Thunderclap.it has a guide on how to promote and run a successful Thunderclap campaign. The guide includes how to optimise your campaign, marketing templates, and much more. Here’s a quick summary of the guide:

  • Keep your message short and sweet (I support meaningful volunteer experiences #teamunitedplanet)
  • Set a deadline of 2-3 weeks.
  • Thunderclap suggest promoting through email, embedded website, twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and youtube.
    • Make sure to have a clear call to action and to specify that you want them to join through Thunderclap (not just “like” your Facebook status)
  • Use “Updates” to rally support for your campaign and/or to update supporters on your campaign’s progress.

If I had some suggestions it would be to advertise on Pinterest, possibly have a countdown going on your Instagram, and to blog about what Thunderclap is so that your supporters know what’s going on. I know the Thunderclap guide mentioned that in your email marketing you should include a brief paragraph about what the website is, but I would personally link to a blog post that goes into detail about the site. It generally makes people uncomfortable to “link” their personal accounts to outside sources, and the idea of a new website posting on “their behalf” is a bit scary. I’m always terrified that a service is going to take advantage of my Twitter account and post crazy spam messages!


Honestly, I think this is a fantastic idea. I’m not surprised at how many companies have already sign on to this, but I am surprised that I’ve yet to see a Thunderclap message on my Twitter feed. The United Nations Beyonce campaign reached 1 billion people and yet I don’t remember seeing anything about it. But maybe I’m just getting old and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be!

It’s simple, and I think it’s largely symbolic of the what the modern political activist is turning into. This is a “lazy” but powerful way to spread a message. All I have to do is sign up, authorise my accounts, and Thunderclap does the rest. It makes me feel like I’ve contributed to something, and it gives your campaign the coverage that it needs. What more could I want?

More Articles on Thunderclap

Read more about Thunderclap:

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The Most Important Day of the Year: Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Hopefully the words “Giving Tuesday” hold some sort of significance to you as someone who is involved in social media for non profits. If not, you definitely need to start doing your research! Giving Tuesday is one of the most important days of the year for a non profit looking for funding and it’s absolutely crucial that you are involved.

What is Giving Tuesday?

#GivingTuesday, which takes place this year on December 3rd, is a day that aims to kick off the holiday giving season. Strategically placed after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the day invites people to make a donation (of either personal time or money) to support things like big issues (think global poverty) or more local issues (think homelessness).  Families and individuals are encouraged to be generous in whatever ways matter to them, whether that means volunteering at a local charity or donating to a favourite cause. It’s basically an national campaign to encourage charitable activities that support non profits. Hopefully you’re starting to understand how important it is that your non profit is involved.

Giving Tuesday

How do we get involved?

To be an official partner, you must be a registered non-profit [a 501(c)3 in the United States] with a specific #GivingTuesday initiative, or a for-profit business, school, religious or community group who commit to spearhead a project that will benefit at least one registered charity or non-profit. This is super important. If you don’t have a specific initiative, either take steps to create one or sit this year out. Here’s a great HubSpot article on how to amplify your Giving Tuesday campaign. Oh! Also, Giving Tuesday actually provides a bunch of suggestions on how non-profits can become involved on Giving Tuesday.



Anyways, if you don’t have a specific initiative I would suggest that you don’t get involved. United Planet, the non-profit that I work for, won’t be registering as an official partner but we will be promoting Giving Tuesday on our blog and social media in general. It’s really about the bigger picture. The non profit community as a whole is coming together to promote a day of giving. The fact that this takes place on social media means that it’s going to be easy for your non profit to take part, and in doing so you’ll probably draw some traffic to your website and/or help spread awareness of your cause. You’ll also get to interact with other members of the non profit world, which is always a plus.

Stock Photo

Give me some numbers.

If you’re still not convinced that being involved in Giving Tuesday is an absolute must then let me convince you with some numbers. I’m not sure why, but crazy awesome statistics are always super convincing. So here you go:

  • In 2012, more than 2,500 partners from all 50 states of the US took part in Giving Tuesday.
  • Blackbaud, the accounting software that Giving Tuesday uses, processed over $10 million in online donations on the 27th.
  • Paypal mobile donations soared 487% higher than the previous year’s number. The total value of those donations increased 228%.
  • More than 50 million people worldwide spread the word about Giving Tuesday – you better believe that it was a trending topic world wide too!
  • According to this infographic, the 28 clients that promoted Giving Tuesday performed 170% better on the actual day.
  • The movement was named the “Social Innovation of the Year” by Bloomberg.com; “One of Five Philanthropy High Points in 2012” by the Chronicle of Philanthropy; received a 2013 Cannes Lions Award; and is a finalist for the Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation. (Stats from this article)

At this point, I’m going to assume that you’re completely convinced that your non profit needs to take part in Giving Tuesday. Just in case you don’t fully understand what it’s about or how your non profit can take part I’ve added some articles for you to read at the end of this post.

So – will you be taking part in Giving Tuesday? What role will your non profit play? Can’t wait to see you all actively using the #GivingTuesday hashtag next month!

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Some extra reading for you

Obviously the media is buzzing about Giving Tuesday. In fact, Huffington Post has an entire section of their website dedicated to it. Salsa Labs designed an on-demand webinar about how to raise more money with a Giving Tuesday plan. For Momentum, who specialise in cause marketing, wrote an article on How to Maximise Your 2013 Giving Tuesday Results. Also, like I mentioned above, the GivingTuesday website has a whole bunch of resources for you to use. They’ve actually put together Tweets + Facebook posts that your non profit can use working up to the event and on the day of. You can also follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with partnerships, news, and more.


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