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Oh, The Places You’ll Go: How to use Pinterest’s new Place Pins


If MTV ever filmed a “True Life” segment about being addicted to Pinterest, I would be the perfect candidate. I’m seriously addicted. I use it to find DIY projects, recipes, outfits, and look at adorable kittens. I’m obsessed and I’m not the only one. Pinterest is the fastest-growing social network available with 53 million monthly users — and, according to this Hubspot article, has more clout when it comes to ecommerce than both Facebook and Twitter combined.

Pinterest, really?

Pinterest should be an integral part of your marketing plan. According to studies done by Hubspot, Pinterest drives 25% more sales than last year. Oh, and also, Bing (the search engine) recently announced that it will integrate Pins into Image Searches. So not only are there millions of people using the site, but it can help you create leads and customers. For more information on how to set up and use Pinterest for your non profit, check out my “Pin the Change” page.

Pinterest Place Pins? What are those?

Pinterest Places

It’s the brand spankin’ new location based feature that turns your Pinterest boards into a map. It basically allows users to give their pins locations and plot them on a map. It’s kind of like Instagram’s photo map. But why? Why would Pinterest do this? According to the announcement they made on their blog, “every day people pin about 1.5 million places, and now there are more than 750 million pins of these destinations on Pinterest.” Basically, a whole lot of people use Pinterest to share things that are travel related. If you’re still a little bit confused about what it is, Pinterest has created a page of examples to help. It seems like a really cool feature but there are a few problems.

First and foremost, they’re using Foursquare integration (vs Google Maps). This means that adding a location can be a bit of a struggle because not all venues exist on Foursquare. If you find that a location you need to use doesn’t exist, visit this Foursquare link to add a venue.  Second, it doesn’t work properly. There are still lots of glitches with the program that should have been sorted out prior to going public with it. Third, I really don’t like that you can’t toggle between map-view and the standard Pinterest view. So if you add locations to your Pinterest board, it will permanently change to look like this. 

How do I make a Pinterest place board?

Add a Place

When you log into Pinterest you’ll probably see an announcement about Pinterest Places on the top of your page. You can click through the “how-to” guide there, where Pinterest will walk you through how to set up maps, or you can just select “add a map” when you create a new board. If you want to add locations to an existing board, go to the settings and click “add a place.” It’s all a bit confusing right now because, like I said, Pinterest is bugging a bit and facing lots of technical difficulties. If you want to see some examples of companies that are already taking advantage of the new tool, and doing so without technical difficulties, check out Fodors and the University of Michigan.

I should note that a lot of people are having trouble with adding maps to existing boards. It seems the features are still a bit buggy but Pinterest reps claim they are “working on it.” If you’re having technical difficulties I would suggest submitting a complaint to Pinterest and letting them know. It’s a cool feature, or at least it will be when it works.

How can my non profit use Pinterest Places?

Luckily enough, I was able to create a board for United Planet that you can see here. As I’ve mentioned before, United Planet sends volunteers to locations all over the world. That means that Pinterest Places is going to be a really great tool for us to use with our Pinterest marketing. Recently I added locations to our pins to show people where you volunteer with us! I’ll also start adding locations to any other relevant boards. That’s what’s going to be key about Pinterest Places: relevancy. Don’t add Places to boards that don’t need them! Here are some ideas for your non profit:

  1. Create a Pinterest Places board to show where you currently have projects like United Planet did. This will help people discover projects that are close to them!
  2. If you sell products with your logo on them, create a board similar to Charity:Water’s and add locations to your pins.
  3. Create a board that shows where you’re volunteers are working, like Amnesty International, and add locations to make it more visual.
  4. If you have a collection of photographs that your company has published, like UNICEF, try adding locations to make your boards more interactive.
  5. The World Wildlife Fund could add locations to their “WWF together” board to show us where endangered animals are located.

Other Links

To see how other non profits are using Pinterest, check out this “group” Pinterest board filled with international non profits. If you’d like to read what other people are saying about Pinterest Places here are a few more links:

P.S. Pinterest also launched a “now-trending” tool for select businesses (Zappos and Walmart) this week. It will show users what products are getting the most love from Pinterest. I suspect this will become a powerful sales tool for e-commerce sites this season!

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Top 6 Non Profit Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Top 6? Why not top 5? Well, I like to shake things up around here. Keep it fresh and original. And also, if we’re being honest, I couldn’t stick to just 5 companies but had no desire to write until 10.

Non Profit Marketing Blogs? Those Exist?

Uh, yeah. They do. And if you’re not already reading them then you better start bookmarking! Although I guess my blog sort of falls into that category so you’re already aware that they exist to a certain extent.

Taken from Minn Post

As a social media marketing manager, or someone who is involved in online marketing, it’s your job to stay on top of industry trends. I don’t have to tell you how quickly the social media world changes and therefore how important it is that you’re “constantly in the loop.” I mean, if something as cool as BatKid is happening and your non profit hasn’t mentioned it on social media… that’s just a loss of potential traffic – and your loss is someone else’s gain. It’s also probably in your job description to report any new trends back to your superior, so, you know… That’s important! I know the struggle – I mean, how am I supposed to stay on top of all this information? That’s why I’ve collected some of my favourite non profit marketing blogs to help you stay in the loop. I chose these blogs because I feel they have superior content, a good use of multi-media, attractive and functional design, and most importantly convenient social media sharing. These are, what I believe to be, signs of a well informed social media coordinator, or an industry influencer.

Six Non Profit Marketing Blogs You’re Gonna Wanna Know About

  1. NP Engage
    NP Engage is actually split into 7 different blogs (analytics, CRM, event fundraising, integrated marketing, interactive, non profit management, research and trends, and technology) so it’s just a pool of helpful information. It’s almost overwhelming how many resources they provide. My favourite part of the blog is a weekly segment that they publish called “The Non Profit Weekly Roundup.” The author, Madeline Turner, summarises any relevant information into a few bullet points. It’s a great way to catch up on anything that you might have missed.
  2. Beth’s Blog
    I would be a fool not to mention Beth Kanter in a “best of” post. Beth is a non profit guru. She’s got thousands of followers spread across multiple social media platforms, and it’s because of that she is considered an industry influencer. She recently published a great guide on how to “kickstart your non profits #GivingTuesday campaign” that is a must read for anyone who is planning on being involved.
  3. Kivi’s Non Profit Communications Blog
    What I really love about this blog is how relatable it is. She writes in a conversational tone, which makes the content easy to understand and fun to read. She also hosts lots of well informed guest bloggers, which keeps her content and insights fresh. I love this series that she’s doing called “A Day in the Life of a NonProfit Communicator” where she basically asks communicators coordinators to describe their average day. It’s really insightful and I’d highly suggest reading some of them!
  4. Non Profit Tech For Good
    This might be a shameless plug because I’m interviewing to work for them, but I honestly wouldn’t apply to work at a company that I didn’t think was incredible. If you aren’t making use of their webinars, or if you aren’t aware of their services, you’re seriously missing out. NP Tech For Good’s blog is an incredible resource for anyone looking to further their expertise in social media, mobile media, fundraising, or anything else related to non profit tech. Their whole goal is to provide easy-to-understand information related to non profit technology to non profits… So, that’s pretty much what this entire list is about. And that’s why they’re on it!
  5. Cone Communications
    I’m not sure if I’m “allowed” to include public relations and marketing companies on this list, but whatever. Who can you trust more to keep you up to date with communications trends? And honestly, I love Cone. I love the fact that they have a cause marketing and non profit marketing category on their blog, and I especially love that it’s jam packed with relevant information. Their titles are always quirky, they host tons of guest bloggers, and they know their stuff. They also do a bunch of relevant research and provide their results online.
  6. Hubspot 
    I mean. Duh. If you’re following me on Twitter (and you should seriously re evaluate your life if you aren’t) you’ll notice that I post a lot of articles from Hubspot. Also, if you’re at all involved with inbound marketing you’re probably just as obsessed with Hubspot as I am. Taylor Corrado, one of two non profit savvy employees at Hubspot, is definitely on her way to becoming an industry leader. Not only is she an engaging writer but she knows her stuff. I would keep my eye on her if I were you.

More Non Profit Marketing Tools

Just as a side note – if you’re looking for a way to keep up with industry trends I would also follow my social media and marketing or my cause marketing + non profit tech Flipboard magazine. How’s that for a shameless plug? Also, for more general information on keeping up with social trends and how-tos I would suggest following Mashable Social Good or The Non Profit Quarterly. Pretty much anything that Aine Creedon posts is golden.

But you already knew that! Right? Right.

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